IMPORTANT 2018 Nike Portland XC Registered Athletes

BTC Youth,

We’re back for another week of practice and we have the 2018 Nike Portland XC race this upcoming Saturday, Sept. 29th at Portland Meadows. The girls will race at 2:15pm with the boys to follow at 2:35pm.

Please check that your daughter/son is registered here

If you do not see their name, please email the account to try to get them registered. We will do our best to work with the Race Director to get them in but there is no guarantee.


There is a $5 spectator entry fee to get inside Portland Meadows.  Only cash or check accepted.  There are no ATMs in the parking lot.

T-shirts are $20 for short sleeve and $30 for long sleeve.  Only cash or check accepted.  There will be two ATMs on the infield of the track.  

Dogs are not allowed on the infield of the track due to the health of the race horses.  The first day of horse racing is the next day on September 30. 

The shoe chip needs to be placed safely within the shoe lace of the shoe.  The athlete can take home the chip as a souvenir and is not returned to the meet.