IMPORTANT REMINDER 2018 Nike Portland XC Sign-Up Due Tomorrow Morning

Important Sign-Ups Below! DUE MONDAY!

We hope everyone had a great first weekend of racing! Everyone is getting in the swing of the 2018 season and it is already time to register for our second weekend of racing on Saturday, September 29 at the Nike Portland XC Invite. This is a local race and we highly recommend all youth to participate in this meet.  If you would like to race, please fill out the appropriate sign-up below.  For this race and all races this year, we recommend you arrive at least 1 hour prior to the start of your son or daughter's race.

Nike Portland XC Invitational (Saturday, September 29)

Registration Due: Monday, September 24 @ 9:00 am

Where: Portland Meadows Race Track, Portland, OR
Girls Race: 2:15 pm
Boys Race: 2:35 pm
**Unlike in previous years, there will be separate start times for the girls race and boys race with the girls racing first.

McMinnville and 3 Course Challenge Results

We were VERY excited and encouraged by the results over the weekend! Not only from a performance standpoint but from the amount of BTC athletes that came out and raced after only two weeks of practice. Below you will find results to both races that BTC athletes participated in over the weekend.

McMinnville results HERE

3 Course Challenge results HERE