Stumptown XC and Finalized NW Showdown BTC Athlete Entries

BTC Parents,

We look forward to seeing some of you out at the NW Showdown tomorrow. Just to confirm, we WILL still have practice tomorrow as planned for those not racing in Corvallis.

For the NW Showdown tomorrow, you can view official entries here. Thank you for your patience with registering for the meet. There were some technical difficulties and miscommunications but we have been able to square everything away. Please double check the race that your athlete is entered in for appropriate arrival time.

Please view car parking information for the NW Showdown race here.
If you’d like to see the course map for the NW Showdown race, please click here.

For those racing at Stumptown on Saturday, you can view the registration here. If you do not see your athletes name, please let us know. The deadline for this entry is tomorrow at 9pm. PLEASE try not to wait until the last minute to register.

If you’d like to see the course map for the Stumptown XC race, please click here.