Brave Like Gabe Memorial Run

BTC Community,

The running community is a tight knit group. We lost one of the best people in our, or any, sport last night, with the passing of professional athlete Gabe Grunewald. Throughout her 10 year battle with cancer, Gabe was a fountain of joy, friendship, hope, laughter, and inspiration. All of the professional athletes at BTC were inspired by Gabe and those who met her feel privileged to have done so.

We are honoring Gabe’s memory with a gathering this Friday at 6:30pm at Duniway Track. We’ll run 5k around the track in memorial of Gabe and do our best to honor the values she exemplified: the community and joy of running. We know it is last minute but we encourage the BTC Youth and their families to join our professional athletes in solidarity if you are able to make it. If you are unable to run, we still invite you to come out and contribute to the positive environment.

We will have blank racing bibs for everyone interested in writing a message of positivity that we will gather at the end of the run and send to Gabe’s husband, Justin. To help us with this process, please try and bring a sharpie.

If you’re in the area, come out and celebrate a true hero. We also encourage all those who might be able to donate to the #BraveLikeGabe Foundation to support rare cancer research. For more information about Brave Like Gabe please click here.