UPDATE! PDXC Confirmed BTC Athlete Entries

BTC Youth,

Please see the entry list for the PDXC State Middle School Championship this weekend, here. You will see additional entries on the ‘adds’ tab at the bottom.

If you do not see your daughter/son’s name, you should still be able to attend as the timing company always works with us in letting our athletes race.

We recommended that everyone show up at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the race so we can make sure each athlete can get their bib prior to the start of warm ups (usually scheduled for 60 minutes outside of race start).

All 6-8th graders have been entered in the Super Champs race while 5th and under will be in the Champs race.

PDXC State Middle School Champs (Sunday, October 28th)

Where: Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR
Girls SuperChamps 1:00pm
Boys SuperChamps 1:25pm
Girls Champs 1:50pm
Boys Champs 2:20pm


You MUST fill out a participant waiver for your son/daughter. There will be no physical copies at the race. Please fill out the waiver here.

Timing Chips:

Athletes will be wearing a timing chip on their shoe. They must wear the timing chip in order to get an official time and place. 

Your timing tag is not disposable…athletes will return these to their coach after each raceParents, please be aware that there will be a $10.00 charge per chip not returned.

Attach one chip to a shoe.  Make sure the number on the chip matches your bib number.  You will attach the chip to your shoe via your shoelace.