Nike Portland XC LOCATION CONFIRMATION and additional information

Reminder that tomorrow’s race is at Blue Lake Park! Please see information below.

Nike Portland XC Invitational (Friday, September 27)

Where: Blue Lake Park, Fairview, OR
Girls Race: 6:00 pm
Boys Race: 6:20 pm
Plan to arrive 75 minutes before your race. Please allow at least 90 minutes if you need to get a 2019 uniform.
**Unlike in previous years, there will be separate start times for the girls race and boys race with the girls racing first.


We know that there are still some athletes looking to purchase a jersey for this year. We will have jerseys available at the meet on Friday. If the cost of a uniform or any other financial burden associated with racing deters the attendance at competitions or practices, please reach out to about at-need scholarships and other ways we can help anyone who wants to be part of the program be involved.

Youth Jackets

Youth Jackets are at the screen printers and will be available in the next week or two at practice. We will send out the link to purchase the jacket along with other youth items (such as last year’s rain jacket) on Saturday.

In/Out Spike Box

This year we are providing a spike box where you can bring or take gently used cross country spikes. If you have outgrown a pair of spikes or don’t wear a certain pair anymore please feel free to drop them off in the box. If you are in need of spikes, please feel free to look and see if a size fits you. Coach Cookie can speak to you more on this at the local races this year.

Nike Employee Store

Unfortunately Nike will not be able to host a spike night for us this season due to delivery and manufacturing issues with youth spikes. However, they have given us a flyer to still invite our BTC families the opportunity into the employee store to get shoes, shorts or any other seasonal gear you may need. More information coming Saturday.