Saturday Summer Runs

In an effort to stay connected to Youth athletes past and present, we will be (very loosely) organizing a group run on Saturdays during the summer. Beginning THIS SATURDAY (June 30th) we will meet at 9am at the Michael Johnson track for a run. Various BTC pros and youth coaches will be in attendance as their schedules allow. There will be no real "coaching" at these meet ups, just a gathering point for everyone to set out on their Saturday runs. As such, we advise that only older middle schoolers whose parents feel comfortable letting them run by themselves attend. If you have a younger athlete and want to come and run with them, that is great as well! Just be aware that the structure will not be as formal as practice in the fall. 

Current/former BTC athletes, parents, siblings, friends, teammates, etc are all welcome! If you want to go for a run and you like BTC, come on out! We hope that this will be a fun, low pressure way to build community and little bit of fitness over the summer months.

-Chris Derrick