Shamrock Run

Bowerman Team Entries for Shamrock

Please take a look at the list below. If you see your name I have your number and tee-shirt. If you think you entered as part of the team and you don't see your name please email me at

Unfortunately, I just found out the Mia Hamm reception @ Nike is not able to give these out this year. If you want your bib and tee shirt before race day you are welcome to pick it up from me at my house in Lake Oswego - 940 Cumberland Rd, 97034 one evening this week. Or email me at if you'd like to try and pick it up from me directly at Nike during the day.

Any numbers that haven't been picked up I will bring to the Bowerman Tent on Race day. The tent will be in the usual spot just north of the start on the grass.

Cheers, Coach Cookie.

  • Kris Coder

  • Olivia Cheek

  • Julia Cheek

  • David Cheek

  • Sharon Cheek

  • Justin Weinberg

  • Peter Birney

  • Maxwell Merrifield

  • Charlotte Merrifield

  • Duncan Roberts

  • Leilani Reier

  • Matt Reier

  • Yuki Johnston

  • Liam Murphy

  • vlad stancescu

  • radu stancescu

  • Ana Pacheco

  • Dave Ross

  • Jonathon Riley

  • Mia Bailey

  • Jonathon A Riley

  • Julia Neufeld

  • Noa Riley

  • Gareth Neufeld

  • Adin Neufeld

  • Corie Neufeld

  • Deklan Humble

  • Jason Humble

  • Maura Moloney

  • Nathan Standley

  • Maria Standley

  • Karen Standley

  • Nathan Olszewski

  • Jason Moore

  • Zane Moore

  • tammie bennett

  • chris bennett

  • maggie bennett

  • emma bennett

  • jack bennett

  • Anna Gladwin

  • Stella Edmondson Trevejo

  • Curt Edmonsdon