Urgent Regionals Information (Payment, Declarations, etc.)

Regionals Payment

For those racing Regionals this weekend, we have set up online payment for registration. Regionals registration is $15 and can be paid here. If you have multiple athletes racing, please pay seperately. This is the preferred payment method but we will accept check and cash through Saturday.

Please make sure to declare your daughter/son for regionals!! There are athletes waiting to find out if they’re racing on Saturday so please follow the steps below even if you don't plan to run regionals. Regionals is a quick turn around and we need to have our entries finalized by Tuesday night, so please declare ASAP!


Note, only those who ran the state meet this weekend are eligible to run at regionals. In order to qualify for regionals you need to be in the top 35 individually or one of the top 5 teams. Each team that we qualified can have up to 8 people on it. In some age groups we qualified 2 or 3 teams which means our top 16 or 24 BTC finishers are qualified as part of those teams. I does not matter which BTC team you were registered under for the state meet. If we qualified a team and you were in the top 8 BTC finishers, you have first rights to the team spot.

Step 1: Check Qualifiers List - BOYS LIST / GIRLS LIST

On the Qualifiers List, all names highlighted in GREEN are currently qualified for regionals individually or part of a team. All names not highlighted are not currently qualified, but will be offered a spot on the team in the order they appear if anyone qualified declines their spot at regionals.

STEP 2: Declare Yes or No for Regionals - CLICK HERE

Enter your name and yes or no declaring your plans to attend regionals.  As everyone declares, we will update the qualifiers list (may have a couple hours delay in updating once you declare).  If you are someone on the waitlist, you can get an idea of your chances of getting bumped up as people in front of you declare.  If you have multiple children, fill out the declaration for each of them.

Regionals Info - Official Website

The regional meet will be held in Yakima, Washington at Franklin Park. Drive time is about 3 - 3.5 hours from Portland depending on the part of the city you live in. Travel to the meet is up to each family individually. Race times will be exactly the same as the state meet, so whatever time you raced this weekend will be you race time next weekend. Keep this in mind when deciding on travel plans - if you are interested in driving up the day of the race, it it more feasible to do so for some of the older kids that race later in the day. Some people inquired about carpooling or sharing rides to the meet. Parents, please talk amongst each other to coordinate or use the carpool sign-up below.

Carpool Options

If you are interested in carpooling (Driving or Riding), sign-up HERE.

Once you have signed up you can view the list of anyone else looking to drive/ride and coordinate the carpool. CARPOOL LIST

Nationals Hotel Block

Hotel:  For nationals we have reserved a block of 35 rooms so we can have most everyone in the same spot.  The hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn Reno. The hotel is holding the block for us to book until November 26th. Our block of rooms is reserved for Thursday (12/6), Friday (12/7) and Saturday (12/8).

If you find that the block is full on the link below, please call and inquire to a room within the “Bowerman Track Club Block”. If they say they are full, ask to be placed on the “Bowerman Track Club Wait List”.

 If you are a "maybe" for nationals, you can sign up for a room now and cancel before November 26th. Its possible that we may be able to accommodate extended family in our block of rooms, but for now, please just reserve 2 rooms maximum to cover parents and athletes.  If we have extra rooms available for grandparents and friends coming to spectate, we will let you know after regionals. 


Hilton Garden Inn Reno
9920 Double R Boulevard, Reno, Nevada 89521

Cost: $119 + tax per night (includes breakfast)

Please book here.

Jacket Pick Up

Those who had been waiting for their jacket can pick up their jacket at anytime. Please email youth@bowermantc.com if you have not received your jacket. We will mail them to those who do not intend to come to practice this week.