Important Youth Announcements (Practice Time, Uniforms, etc.)


BTC Youth Athletes and Parents,

A big thank you to everyone who stuck around after practice and watched an incredible race by Woody Kincaid, Lopez Lomong and Matt Centrowitz. We hope that the race and atmosphere is a great inspiration to the kids and kicks us off for a fantastic season!

Reminder that practice returns to regular time tonight
5:30pm-6:45pm for Nike and NE
5:45pm-7:00pm for Sherwood

No Lake Oswego practices on Thursdays! Please see below on practice locations for your Thursday practice!

More Important Information:


If you haven't done so already and are interested in participating this year, please complete the online registration.  Registration payment for this year should be done online this year so we don't have to collect anything at practice.  If you have not submitted payment, please see the online registration above.  Registration fees for the season is $100 per athlete or $200 maximum per family.  If the registration fee is a financial issue, please contact us about scholarships at


Demand for larger sizes was bigger than we anticipated. To clarify for parents, a “youth” sizing is women’s sizing, i.e. a youth XS is a women’s XS. We believe the majority of youth athletes 12 and under (and some 13-14) will fit underneath this category. If you’ve already purchased a size larger than XS we encourage you to have them try it on to make sure that it fits appropriately.

We will only have size XS on hand tonight at the Nike practice location. We still encourage you to have your son/daughter try it on.
We are doing a rush order on the larger sizes and hope they will be available for the first meet next Saturday.

If you are at a different practice location other than Nike, please inform the location coach of your desired size and we will get the singlets to you next week!

Singlets ($40)
are new this season and will be the new uniform from 2019-21 season at a minimum, so everyone will need to purchase a new singlet.

Jackets ($40) will be available for optional purchase as soon as possible 

Practice Times and Locations

Nike Campus

Time: Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:30-6:45 before daylight savings, 5:00-6:15 after daylight savings
Location: Start and finish at the Michael Johnson Track for both Tuesday and Thursday Practices.

Michael Johnson Track



NE Portland

Time: Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:30-6:45 before daylight savings, 5:00-6:15 after daylight savings
Location: Tuesdays @ Mt Tabor Park.  Thursdays @ Wilshire Park.

Mt Tabor Park (Tuesday)


Wilshire Park (Thursday)



Time: Tuesday/Thursday @ 5:45-7:00 before daylight savings, 5:15-6:30 after daylight savings
Location: Tuesdays @ Edy Ridge School.  Thursdays @ Snyder Park.

Edy Ridge School (Tuesday)


Snyder Park (Thursday)


Lake Oswego

Time: Tuesdays Only @ 5:30-6:45 before daylight savings, 5:00-6:15 after daylight savings
Location: Forest Hills Elementary