Nike Portland XC Confirmed Entries and Meet Information

Below is a link to the confirmed entries for the race this coming weekend at Portland Meadows.  We've got a huge squad participating this year and its always a great meet.  If you missed the sign-up and are interested in running, you may fill out the RACE SIGN-UP and we will send a message to the meet director tomorrow to see if we can get any late adds.  Late adds will be confirmed Thursday night if they go through.

Nike Portland Race Entries


ALL Girls @ 8:30
ALL Boys @ 8:50

This is one of our largest meets as a club.  Please plan to arrive at least 1:15 prior to your race time to give ample time to hand out all the bibs.

Meet Location - Portland Meadows Race Track

** All spectators will have to pay a $5 entry fee to the race track **