IMPORTANT! USATF Season Sign-Up Due Today!

Important Sign-Up Info Below!

For anyone planning to run the USATF State Meet next weekend (November 11th), sign-up is due today!  This is a hard deadline and we will not be able to enter anyone late as we have been able to do so far this season.  For the USATF season, signing up for the race requires also having a USATF Membership.  We CANNOT enter any child that has not already joined USATF AND provided proof of age.  Parents are responsible to get your child registered with USATF and assigned to the Bowerman Track Club.  

Sign-Up Option 1: Already Have USATF Membership
(Verify Here



Sign-Up Option 2: Don't Have USATF Membership

For anyone that was waiting until November and has not signed up for the USATF season yet, you must do so today to run at the USATF State Meet Next weekend.  Please follow all steps below ASAP!


STEP 1. Purchase a current USATF membership

Here is the link for the sign up:

Our Club Number is 0820

(If you aren’t sure if you have a current USATF membership use this link to check )

STEP 2. Proof of Date of Birth (birth certificate, passport)

Send a copy of birth certificate or passport to

 (you only need to do this if you haven’t done so in a prior year)

STEP 3. 

Click this State Sign-Up Link here to let us know your child wants to run the state meet. We will enter the athlete in the race.

There is a $12 per registration fee to be paid when you pick up your number at the team tent on Race Day. Please complete steps 1&2 before step 3.

Location: Corban University, Salem OR

The deadline to complete ALL THREE steps is End of day Nov 2nd. 


USATF Season Details

State - Corban University, Salem, Or on Saturday, November 11th

All BTC Athletes are eligible to compete at the state meet.  

Regionals – Woodland Park, Seattle WA on Saturday, November 18th

Running at regionals does require competing and qualifying at the State Meet on Saturday November 11th.  Most BTC runners will qualify for regionals individually or as a part of the team (see qualification criteria below)

We will send out a link for entries to Regionals after the State meet.

Nationals -  Tallahassee, FL on Saturday, December 9th

Running at Nationals requires competing and qualifying at the Regional Meet on Saturday, November 18th (see qualification criteria below).  Please note we will likely qualify one team of 8 runners in ALL age groups. Last year, we had 38 kids qualify and run at Nationals in Hoover, Alabama.  We will send out flight and hotel information for nationals soon.  If you are even thinking about the possibility of going to Nationals we strongly recommend that you reserve a hotel room in the next week or two before they all fill up. If you end up not going you can cancel the hotel room after regionals at no charge. 

State, Regionals, Nationals Qualification Process

State meet is November 11th in Salem, OR – this is the qualifier for regionals  – The kids will run separate races in two year age groups (shown above). Most of our kids will qualify (top 30 individuals and top 5 teams in each age group)

At the state meet we will spread the best kids between 2 or 3 teams to maximize the number of teams we qualify for regionals.

The regional meet is November 18th in Seattle, WA – this is the qualifier for the Nationals meet on Dec 9th in Tallahassee, FL. Probably about 50% of our kids will qualify from regionals to nationals. The top 30 individuals and top 5 teams advance in each age group.  We will likely qualify a team in every age group.  

At the regional meet we will field our strongest teams with selection based on finish position at the state meet.

At the national meet we will field our strongest teams with selection based on finish position at the regional meet.

If you want advice on whether your child will qualify – email us directly or catch me at practice – I’ll be happy to advise you on the approx. odds.

At the national meet we will field our strongest teams with selection based on finish position at the regional meet.

Results for all our meets so far this season and the dates and locations of future meets can be found here:

Clicking on your child’s name from any of the results will show you their results from all races they’ve run from all seasons.