McMinnville/Champoeg Sign-up and PDXC Results

PDXC Results

Great job this weekend to all those who ran at Portland Meadows.  If you're interested in the results here is a link:

McMinnville/Champoeg Sign-Up (DUE 9/27 @ 10 AM)

Our next race is approaching fast.  This coming week we have two different meets on our schedule.  We have McMinnville on Friday afternoon and Champoeg on Saturday morning.  Both races are open to all of our kids, but each kid should only participate in 1 race.  There will be better competition at the McMinnville meet, so we recommend that our more experienced and faster runners sign up for that one.  Runners in this category would be the Red and Green groups from Nike campus or boys faster than 12:15 and girls faster than 13:00 at PDXC this weekend.  Champoeg will have a little less competition, but is a great meet as well.  We recommend that the rest of our runners sign up for Champoeg.  Please use the links below to sign up for whichever race you plan to attend by 10 AM on Tuesday (9/27).

**These are only guidelines if you are available to attend both races and are wondering which one is best for your child.  You are welcome to sign-up for whichever meet works best with your schedule, and both races will be great experiences for the kids.  

McMinnville Invitational - Friday, September 30

Girls Race: 5:00 PM

Boys Race: 5:30 PM



Champoeg Invitational - Saturday, October 1

Girls Race: 10:00 AM

Boys Race: 10:30 AM