Pictures From Regionals

Our apologies for the delay, but you can view pictures from the Regional meet on 11/20 here: Regionals Pics. There are pictures of all the races, though no guarantee we got good ones of every child. We had 500+ pictures this time, but they should be grouped together by race with the older age groups first and the younger age groups later in the album. Let us know if you have any pictures you'd like to share!

We also have a few photos from the Meat Stick Relay, although we are still working on how to get the best action shots at night.

Practice resumes Tuesday this week at 5:00pm at the Bo Jackson turf field. All kids are welcome to attend even if their season is over. As always in these later months, we advise that kids bring multiple layers to practice. Even if they don't run in them it's good to stay warm during post-run stretching and core.