USATF Regional Entries and Meet Info

We have entered the following lists of athletes for regionals this weekend.  You do not need to fill out any additional sign up.  If your name is on the list, you are all set for this weekend.  IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST AND YOU DO NOT INTEND TO RUN, LET US KNOW ASAP! Leaving you name on the list and not showing up to run costs the club extra money and prevents other athletes from the chance of racing at regionals.  There is a $15 entry fee for the race.  We will be collecting this when you arrive, and it can be paid in cash or check (NO Credit Card). 



The race will be held at the same location as the JO State Meet.  Based on the current forecast, it looks like a high possibility for rain all week including race day.  Make sure to bring rain gear, and we highly recommend wearing spikes for the race, as the course will likely be muddier than state.  They are planning to redesign part of the course, but it will likely be very similar route to state.  Course maps will be sent out when we have access later in the week.


The regional meet is the qualifier for the national meet in Birmingham, Alabama on December 10th.  To qualify for the national meet, you must be in the Top 30 individuals or the Top 5 teams.  If a team qualifies, that allows 8 runners to advance as part of that team.  We hope to qualify a team in each age group, but there will be good competition from the Northwest region.  All BTC athletes racing at regionals are eligible to qualify for the BTC national team should we qualify one.  In other words, it does not matter which team they entered under at regionals.  The top 8 BTC finishers will fill out the team for nationals.

**Note that the girls races are first for each age group**

9:00 AM - 8 & UNDER (2K)
10:00 AM - 9-10 YEAR OLDS (3K)
11:00 AM - 11-12 YEAR OLDS (3K)
12:00 AM - 13-14 YEAR OLDS (4K)

9:30 AM - 8 & UNDER (2K)
10:30 AM - 9-10 YEAR OLDS (3K)
11:30 AM - 11-12 YEAR OLDS (3K)
12:30 AM - 13-14 YEAR OLDS (4K)




USATF has asked for a few volunteers to help direct parking and monitor the course.  With such a large team, it would be great if we could provide a couple people to help them out during the day.  We realize that everyone attending will want to watch their athlete race, but if anyone is willing and able to volunteer for part of the day, please email us back at and we will put you in touch with the race organizers.