Bowerman Track Club Youth

The Bowerman Track Club Youth Program is open to all kids high school age and under.  The goal of our program is to introduce running as a fun and social experience, and provide an adequate level of competition for all abilities.  Our program is a great way for kids to stay active, make friends, learn the importance of teamwork and most importantly, have fun as the practice and compete alongside their teammates.

Most of our youth program centers around our Fall Cross Country program that runs from early September through mid December.  On Wednesday nights in August, we host a family-friendly 3k series on Nike campus that we encourage all of our youth athletes and their families to come join and help them get ready for the cross country season.  We do not offer a track program in the spring, similar to our cross country program in the fall, but we do offer a "pre-track" program during the month leading up to the season to help kids prepare.  For the track season we encourage our athletes to participate in the local CYO Track and Field Program.  Lastly, we host the Bowerman 5k every year during the month of July.  Many of our youth runners take part in this race and other local races throughout the year.  For more information on all of these opportunities, follow the links below!


Youth Links

Youth Cross Country

Our fall cross country program is a great way for kids ages 8-14 to get started running and learn to love the sport.

Bowerman 5k

Every year in July we host a fun and fast 5k race at Nike's headquarters in Beaverton, OR.  The 5k is open to the general public.

August 3k Series

On Wednesday nights during the month of August, join us at the Nike campus for our free, family friendly 3k races.