Matt Hughes, 29

University of Louisville

Personal Bests:

  • 3000m Steeplechase – 8:11.64 (Canadian Record)

  • 5000m – 13:19.56


  • Two-time NCAA Steeplechase Champion at Louisville (2010, 2011)

  • 2016 Olympian in the Steeplechase

  • Four-time World Championship Finalist

  • Five-time Canadian Champion

Social Handle: @hughesteeple

NCAA Champion, Canadian Record Holder, Olympian, and the best all-around athlete in the BTC pro group are just a few of the accolades Matt Hughes has racked up in his long and consistently successful career. Matt was born in Oshawa, Canada and his competitive spirit (as well as his fast, elbows-out eating habits) were forged in the crucible of a seven child family. He grew up playing all manner of sports, with a properly Canadian emphasis on hockey. He began running in the 4th grade and excelled at the high school and Junior level in Ontario. Looking for a way to make the Canadian team for the Junior Pan-Am Championships in 2007, Matt gave the Steeplechase a try and thus, the greatest ever Canadian Steeplechaser was born.

Matt attended Clemson University for a year before transferring to Louisville University upon the retirement of his coach. He was NCAA Champion in the Steeplechase his Junior and Senior seasons, taking the titles in his signature fashion: with devastating front running and an equally devastating (aesthetically speaking) mustache/mullet combo. After failing to make the Olympics in 2012, Matt rebounded with a 6th place finish and the Canadian record at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow. Following graduation in 2011 he trained with Coach Wynn Gmitroski in Canada, before moving to Portland to join BTC in 2016. With Bowerman he has continued to demonstrate the remarkable year to year consistency that makes him one of the best steeplechasers in the World. He made the Canadian Olympic team in 2016, finished 6th at the World Championships in 2017, and was 4th at the Commonwealth Games in 2018, agonizingly close to a medal.
Matt is a die-hard Toronto sports fan and long suffering partisan of the Maple Leafs. He is a master of all manner of games and athletic contests, much to the chagrin of his fellow Steeplechasers, Evan Jager and Dan Huling. He is a man of very meticulous and specific habits and is not to be talked to until he’s had his coffee- and depending on the morning, maybe not even then. If you’re ever on NW 23rd St in Portland, try the “Hughes’ Trifecta”: a burrito from Pepino’s, a cappuccino from Barista, and a donut from Blue Star. If you want to do it in true Hughes’ fashion, make sure you get some decent mileage in that morning. Matt was engaged to his fiance, Madie, in 2018 and is the proud son of Paul and Kelly Hughes. He loves nothing more than spending a summer weekend with them and his siblings at the “Cotty” getting in some barefoot water skiing runs.