Bowerman Track Club Masters

The Bowerman Track Club is the namesake organization of the track & field visionary and Nike Co-founder, Bill Bowerman.  The BTC Masters Team fields male and female Masters distance runners who embrace the sport of running and strive to be competitive at the regional, national and international level. 

The BTC Masters Teams have won numerous US Cross Country National Championships over the years, and the team's Track athletes are consistently among the strongest performers in Regional, US, and Worldwide Championship racing events.  Team members embrace many different types of running events ranging from 800 meters to road racing, marathon and ultra-distance racing (50K+).  

Steve Prefontaine’ s Motto: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” is not lost upon our Master’s Team as they continue to compete with passion in this phase of their running careers. 

Contact Info

For more information about the Bowerman TC Men’s Masters Program, contact the following:
Men 40-49 Captains - John Howell & Arhlin Bauman & Josh Gordon
Men 50-59 Captains - Matt Farley & Mike Blackmore
Men 60+ Captains - Monty Schafer & K.C. Taylor
For more information about the Bowerman TC Women’s Masters Program, contact Gail Moebius.

Upcoming Masters Events    Sunday April 26, 2019

Sunday April 26, 2019

Current Rosters

MENS 40 Roster

1. Ahrlin Bauman
2. Oscar Bauman
3. Brad Chvatal
4. Greg Coughlan
5. Michael Dom
6. Joshua Gordon
7. Joe Grand
8. Orestes Gutierrez
9. John Howell
10. Michael Lauruhn
11. Scott MacDonald
12. John Mackay
13.Matthew Manke
14. Gregory Michell
15. Matt Reier
16. Duncan Roberts
17. Orin Schumacher
18. Chris Smith
19. Jeff Smith
20. Everett Whiteside
21. Scott Williams

MENS 50 Roster

1. Stephen Bean
2. Mike Blackmore
3. John Clifford
4. Chuck Coats
5. Paul Cummings
6. David Engstrom
7. Matt Farley
8. Dan Franek
9. Dave Frank
10. Craig Godwin
11. Michael Gorriaran
12. Eric Hartmann
13. Dan Kearns
14. Thomas Kreuzpeintner
15. Aaron Lance
16. Greg Long
17. Lawrence Merrifield Jr.
18. Kevin Paulk
19. David Rees
20. Wesley Sealand
21. Harry Shaw
22. Marcelo Silva
23. Charlie Simpson
24. Paul Smith
25. James Stansberry
26. Michael Stearns
27. Tim Swanberg
28. David Terris
29. Scott Tucker
30. Eric Williams

MENS 60 Roster

1. John Barry
2. Mike Berryman
3. Tom Dahlberg
4. Dan Jackson
5. Tim Jantos
6. Steve Kollars
7. Richard Punches
8. Monty Schafer
9. K.C. Taylor
10. Doug Winn