Regionals - What to expect.

Below is a list of details from the regional race coordinators.  See you at the race tomorrow!

What to Expect

Junior Olympic Region 13 Cross Country Championship

PARKING will be at a premium this Saturday. In addition to the dirt lot at N. 50th & Hwy 99, additional parking is available east of the course near the playfields on Green Lake Way North and at the north end of the course (just beyond point “A” on the course map) accessible from West Green Lake Way (take the road up the hill past the tennis courts and the off-leash area). And if you don't mind paying for parking, you can park at Woodland Park Zoo.

BATHROOMS are available near picnic shelter # 3 (concessions), near picnic shelter # 6 (just beyond point “A” on the course map) as well as Honey Buckets.

STARTING BOXES will be assigned by random draw for each race. Teams will find the box assignment in their packet, as well at the starting line and packet pickup.

RACE NUMBER PICK UP will be available at the large white tent starting at 7:30am Saturday and will remain available all day. Teams need to designate one person from their club to pick up the team packet.

Please review your packet and inform us of any changes that should be addressed at least one hour before race time.

CONCESSIONS and T-SHIRTS/SWEATSHIRTS will be available for purchase.

RESULTS will be posted outside the white awards tent near the finish line.

CORRECTIONS/PROTESTS - Corrections/protests must be made within 30 minutes of results being posted. If you question the outcome of results, please go to the main white tent with your Head Coach.

AWARDS will be presented once results have been posted for 30 minutes without changes/protests.

The top 30 athletes and 5 teams at the Region 13 Championships will qualify for the National Championships, Saturday, December 9th at Apalachee Regional Park, Tallahassee, FL.

MEET DIRECTOR: Darryl Genest


Dion Keeton, OR Youth Chair

Justin Aguilar, INW Youth Chair

Holly Genest, PNA Youth Chair


MEET REFEREE: Kenny Emerick


Short Practice Tonight, Regionals Entry Fee, Pictures, Banquet

Short Practice Tonight

With Regionals coming up on Saturday, tonight's practice will likely finish up about 15 minutes early.  Especially if its raining, we don't want kids standing around cold and wet for a long time after practice.

Regionals Entry Fee

The entry fee for regionals is $15.  We have already paid for everyone racing and will collect at the meet just like the state meet.  Please bring cash or check.


Throughout the year so far, we've been trying to capture some pictures.  Check out the links below if you're interested.  If you have taken pictures and are willing to share them with the rest of the club, email us and picture expert Coach CD will let you know how to upload the photos.

Portland Meadows Pictures

USATF State Meet Pictures

2017 BTC Banquet

Our annual BTC banquet is scheduled for Friday, December 15th @ 6:30 pm.  The banquet will be held in the Tiger Woods Building on the Nike Campus.  Dinner and drinks will be provided and there will be a cash bar.  All our youth athletes and families are welcome to attend.  We will recognize the 2017 highlights of the youth program as well as the other parts of our club, including the Masters, Elites and Pros.  More to come on the banquet in the coming weeks.

USATF Regional Meet Details

Important information regarding regionals below.  Please read all.

Declared Entries

Thank you to everyone who was prompt with your declaration.  We are only waiting on a couple to declare, but everyone else should show up on the roster below.  IF ANYONE'S PLANS CHANGE OR YOU DON'T THINK YOU WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE IT, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP.  IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP AND DON'T RUN, YOU MAY BE PREVENTING ANOTHER ONE OF OUR ATHLETES FROM RUNNING.

Regionals Roster 

**If you don't see your name on the list and planned , you have until Wednesday morning to let us know**

Meet Schedule (Saturday, November 18th):

9:30 AM - 8&U Girls
10:00 AM - 8&U Boys
10:30 AM - 9-10 Girls
11:00 AM - 9-10 Boys
11:30 AM - 11-12 Girls
12:00 PM - 11-12 Boys
12:30 PM - 13-14 Girls
1:00 PM - 13-14 Boys

**Please arrive at least 1 hour before your race**

Course Maps 

Course Location - Woodland Park, Seattle WA
The course will be open to jog at 3 PM on Friday if anyone will be up in Seattle.  We will not be meeting as a team to do so, but feel free to do a walk-jog of the course.

2k Course
3k Course
4k Course

Meet Parking

Apparently parking will be an issue and there are specific instructions for overflow parking.  Please read below.  We've been told it will be evident when you arrive.

Parking near the packet pickup up area will be limited.

Additional parking will be available east of the course near the playfields on Green Lake Way North and at the north end of the course (just beyond point “A” on the course map) accessible from West Green Lake Way (take the road up the hill past the tennis courts and the off-leash area).  These parking lots are approximetly a 10 minute walk to the check-in area.

Qualification Process For Nationals

The top 5 teams (8 athletes per team) and the top 30 individuals at regionals will qualify for nationals.  Unlike the state meet where we split our rosters to try and qualify as many teams as possible for regionals, we will focus on trying to qualify one team from regionals to nationals.  For any of our teams, the top 8 BTC finishers at regionals will fill the spots on the nationals team, regardless of which team on they are entered under for regionals.  In other words, an athlete entered on a "B" team for regionals can still make the nationals team if they finish in the top 8 BTC finishers at regionals.


Important USATF Regional Information and State Results

Regionals Declaration

Great job to all who competed today!  In preparing for sending our team to regionals, we need everyone that ran this past weekend to declare if they plan to attend regionals or not.  For the declaration process, please follow the steps below even if you don't plan to run regionals.  Note, only those who ran the state meet this weekend are eligible to run at regionals.  Regionals is only a week away and we need to have our entries finalized by Tuesday night, so please declare ASAP!

Step 1: Check Qualifiers List - CLICK HERE

On the Qualifiers List, all names listed in BLACK have qualified for regionals individually or part of a team.  All names listed in RED are not currently qualified, but will be offered a spot on the team in the order they appear if anyone qualified declines their spot at regionals.

STEP 2: Declare Yes or No for Regionals - CLICK HERE

Enter your name and yes or no declaring your plans to attend regionals.  As everyone declares, we will update the qualifiers list (may have a couple hours delay in updating once you declare).  If you are someone on the waitlist, you can get an idea of your chances of getting bumped up as people in front of you declare.  If you have multiple children, fill out the declaration for each of them.

State Meet Results - LINK

Notes about the State Results:
1. All boys age groups are off by 1 age category (8&U are listed under 9-10, 9-10 are listed under 11-12, etc.)
2. A couple age group team results wrong with a team listed more than once.  In these cases, move all teams up 1 spot to replace the duplicate.
3. The Boys 9-10 times are wrong.  The clock was not working for the race.  We don't know where the times came from, but they are not accurate.  Cross Country is about racing, not time anyways!

Short Practice Tonight (11/9/17)

Attention Parents,

With the state meet coming up this weekend, tonight's practice will be short and sweet!  We will be finishing up a little early at Nike Practice around 6:00 and Sherwood around 6:15 if you would like to pick up your child then.  If you are unable to make it back for pickup until 6:15, we will still hang around with the kids for pick-up.  See you at practice!

-BTC Coaches

IMPORTANT! USATF Season Sign-Up Due Today!

Important Sign-Up Info Below!

For anyone planning to run the USATF State Meet next weekend (November 11th), sign-up is due today!  This is a hard deadline and we will not be able to enter anyone late as we have been able to do so far this season.  For the USATF season, signing up for the race requires also having a USATF Membership.  We CANNOT enter any child that has not already joined USATF AND provided proof of age.  Parents are responsible to get your child registered with USATF and assigned to the Bowerman Track Club.  

Sign-Up Option 1: Already Have USATF Membership
(Verify Here



Sign-Up Option 2: Don't Have USATF Membership

For anyone that was waiting until November and has not signed up for the USATF season yet, you must do so today to run at the USATF State Meet Next weekend.  Please follow all steps below ASAP!


STEP 1. Purchase a current USATF membership

Here is the link for the sign up:

Our Club Number is 0820

(If you aren’t sure if you have a current USATF membership use this link to check )

STEP 2. Proof of Date of Birth (birth certificate, passport)

Send a copy of birth certificate or passport to

 (you only need to do this if you haven’t done so in a prior year)

STEP 3. 

Click this State Sign-Up Link here to let us know your child wants to run the state meet. We will enter the athlete in the race.

There is a $12 per registration fee to be paid when you pick up your number at the team tent on Race Day. Please complete steps 1&2 before step 3.

Location: Corban University, Salem OR

The deadline to complete ALL THREE steps is End of day Nov 2nd. 


USATF Season Details

State - Corban University, Salem, Or on Saturday, November 11th

All BTC Athletes are eligible to compete at the state meet.  

Regionals – Woodland Park, Seattle WA on Saturday, November 18th

Running at regionals does require competing and qualifying at the State Meet on Saturday November 11th.  Most BTC runners will qualify for regionals individually or as a part of the team (see qualification criteria below)

We will send out a link for entries to Regionals after the State meet.

Nationals -  Tallahassee, FL on Saturday, December 9th

Running at Nationals requires competing and qualifying at the Regional Meet on Saturday, November 18th (see qualification criteria below).  Please note we will likely qualify one team of 8 runners in ALL age groups. Last year, we had 38 kids qualify and run at Nationals in Hoover, Alabama.  We will send out flight and hotel information for nationals soon.  If you are even thinking about the possibility of going to Nationals we strongly recommend that you reserve a hotel room in the next week or two before they all fill up. If you end up not going you can cancel the hotel room after regionals at no charge. 

State, Regionals, Nationals Qualification Process

State meet is November 11th in Salem, OR – this is the qualifier for regionals  – The kids will run separate races in two year age groups (shown above). Most of our kids will qualify (top 30 individuals and top 5 teams in each age group)

At the state meet we will spread the best kids between 2 or 3 teams to maximize the number of teams we qualify for regionals.

The regional meet is November 18th in Seattle, WA – this is the qualifier for the Nationals meet on Dec 9th in Tallahassee, FL. Probably about 50% of our kids will qualify from regionals to nationals. The top 30 individuals and top 5 teams advance in each age group.  We will likely qualify a team in every age group.  

At the regional meet we will field our strongest teams with selection based on finish position at the state meet.

At the national meet we will field our strongest teams with selection based on finish position at the regional meet.

If you want advice on whether your child will qualify – email us directly or catch me at practice – I’ll be happy to advise you on the approx. odds.

At the national meet we will field our strongest teams with selection based on finish position at the regional meet.

Results for all our meets so far this season and the dates and locations of future meets can be found here:

Clicking on your child’s name from any of the results will show you their results from all races they’ve run from all seasons.

Middle School State Meet Results and Halloween Run

Middle School State Meet

Great job to all that competed today at the Middle School State Meet.  Lots of good racing that has us excited and looking forward to the upcoming USATF season.  You can view the results below.  Note: Bowerman is not scored in the team results because we are a club and the meet was only scored for middle school teams.  

Middle School State Meet Results

Halloween Run!

There will be no practice on Tuesday (10/31) this week at any location and instead we will be having a Halloween Run tomorrow (Monday 10/30) at both the Nike Campus and Mt Tabor.  Sherwood kids are welcome to join at either spot.  We will meet at the normal time 5:30 pm and go for a short run.  Practice may be a little shorter than normal ending around 6:30.  Costumes are encouraged!  At Nike Campus, we'd love to have any interested parents to join the coaches in costume to add to the Halloween spirit as the kids run around Hollister trail.  We will be giving out candy at the end of the run.   We will be back to normal practice schedule on Thursday.

Daylight Savings Reminder

Next weekend is daylight savings, which means that our practice times at all locations will be moving ahead by 30 minutes starting on Tuesday, November 7th.  After that, Nike and NE Portland will practice 5:00 - 6:15 pm and Sherwood will practice 5:15 - 6:30.  

USATF State, Regionals and Nationals Travel and Hotel Information

Many people have had questions regarding travel and hotel info for the USATF season.  Hopefully the below information answers all the questions.  Nationals Hotel Sign-Up at the Bottom

USATF State Meet (Saturday, November 11th)

Where: Corban University, Salem, OR

8&U Boys - 9:00 AM
8&U Girls - 9:30 AM
9-10 Boys - 10:00 AM
9-10 Girls - 10:30 AM
11-12 Boys - 11:00 AM
11-12 Girls - 11:30 AM
13-14 Boys - 12:00 PM
13-14 Girls - 12:30 PM

Travel:  to this meet will be the same as a normal meet.

More Meet Information


USATF Regional Meet (Saturday, November 18th)

Where: Woodland Park, Seattle WA  

Schedule: Same as State Meet

Travel: Travel to the meet is up to individual families.  Staying in a hotel or with friends in Seattle may beneficial, especially for the earlier races, but families can drive up on the day of the meet if they choose.  

Hotel:  Given that we will have people with a lot of different plans, we will not be reserving a hotel as a team.


USATF National Meet (Saturday, December 9th)

Where: Apalachee State Park, Tallahassee, FL

Schedule: Same as State Meet

Travel: Each family is in charge of their own travel to and from Nationals.  Most of the coaches and team will travel down on Thursday and return Sunday, but feel free to make alternative plans as long as you will be there for the race on Saturday!

Flights: Tallahassee (TLH) is the most direct airport, but you may be able to find good flying deals if you are willing to drive a couple hours from another airport.  Right now, you can find flights as low as $350 round trip if you look at different options, especially if you are willing to fly back on Monday.  Nationals travel can be a good opportunity to use airline companion tickets if you have any of those as well.  Contact us if you have further travel questions.

Other airports to search in the area are:
Valdosta GA (VLD) - 80 miles
Jacksonville FL (JAX) - 160 miles
Gainsville FL (GNV) - 150 miles
Destin Ft. Walton Beach (VPS) - 160 miles
Pensacola FL (VPS) - 190 miles
Orlando (ORL) - 250 miles

**Flight Discounts** - Once you have a USATF number, you can get 10% off Delta and United flights.  Discount Page

Hotel:  For nationals we have reserved a block of 35 rooms so we can have most everyone in the same spot.  You can sign up for rooms in our block using the sign-up sheet below.  If you are a "maybe" for nationals, you can sign up for a room now and let us know if you decide not to go after regionals.  Our block of rooms is reserved for Thursday (12/7), Friday (12/8) and Saturday (12/9).  When you sign up for a room, you will be signed up for all 3 nights as a default, but you can indicate if you only want 1 or 2 of the nights.   Its possible that we may be able to accommodate extended family in our block of rooms, but for now, please just sign-up for rooms to cover parents and athletes.  If we have extra rooms available for grandparents and friends coming to spectate, we will let you know after regionals.  If you would like to reserve your own room outside of our team block, you can view this list of suggested hotels.


Wyndham Garden Tallahassee Capitol
1355 Apalachee Pkwy, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Cost: $109 + tax per night (includes breakfast for up to 3 people per room)
8 miles from race course

BTC Nationals Hotel Sign-Up