XC Sign-Up

Sign-up for the 2017 Youth XC season is now up on the website.  You can view it by navigating off the youth page or follow the link below.  Practice will begin on Tuesday, September 12th.  A full race schedule for the season will be available and sent out next week.  

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3k Series at Nike

Just a reminder the 3k series kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday).

Meet at 5:15pm at JBS Patio to sign up (by the lake) and then walk over to the Hollister Trail for the 3k run at 6pm. Then back over to the Patio for Prizes and Otter pops, Gatorade etc.

We'll be joined by Olympians Shalane Flanagan and Ciaran O'Lionaird so come along and enjoy the fun! It's free to enter.

We'll start week 1 with the prediction run. (Prizes to those who get closest to their predicted time - NO WATCHES!!)

Hope to see you there!

Cheers, Chris & Julian.

Source: https://www.iaaf.org/records/toplists/midd...

3k Series — BowermanTC

Due to the extreme heat forecast for Wednesday August 2nd (107F) - we are going to move the entire series back one week.

race 1 will now be Wednesday August 9th

race 2 will now be Wednesday August 16th

race 3 will now be Wednesday August 23rd

race 4 will now be Wednesday August 30th

Registration will be 5:15-5:45pm at JBS Patio (same location as registration and Party for the Bowerman 5k) and the races will start 6pm at the Hollister Trail. Post race otter pops and awards will be back at the JBS Patio (by the Lake). 

Source: http://www.bowermantc.com/3k-series

REMINDER! Bowerman 5k

We are now less than 1 month away from the 8th Annual Bowerman 5k!  This is one of the marquee events of the year for our club and all youth athletes and parents are strongly encouraged to participate.  Its always great to see large numbers of club members that participate every year, so wear your club uniform!  We look forward to having you join us for a great race and the post-race music, food, drinks and prizes.

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Bowerman 5k Volunteers

Parents - if you aren't participating yourself in the Bowerman 5k on July 29th, please consider volunteering.

If you like to volunteer or hear more about it please just email me at Chris.Cook@Nike.com

Thx, Cheers, Coach Cookie

Registration Link 
Code: btcmember2017 (use the code for a $5 discount)

More 5k info, past results and pictures can be found here:


Source: http://www.bowermantc.com/bowerman-5k

Bowerman 5k 2017

BTC Members,

Summer is just around the corner and that means that the Bowerman 5k is just around the corner!  This year the Bowerman 5k will be on Saturday, July 29th @ 7:00 pm.  The race will once again be hosted at the Nike campus and the course will feature a combination of the road loop and Hollister trail.  The 5k is a great event for all of our youth members and their families to compete in and keep the running going throughout the summer.  

As BTC members you can use our discount code to sign up and get $5 off the normal entry fee.  

Registration Link 
Code: btcmember2017

More 5k info, past results and pictures can be found here:


The 5k is one of our biggest events of the year.  We hope you can all make it and encourage your friends and family to participate with you!

Portland Twilight Details

Below are the details for anyone racing today the Portland Twilight Meet.  Best of leuck to those running! Have some fun out there!

Final Schedule
Girls 1500 - 4:15 PM
Boys 1500 - 4:25 PM


Meet Schedule / Heat Sheets / Results can all be found on the meet website at: http://portlandtracktwilight.com/

- The Track facility at Lewis & Clark will open at 2:00pm on Saturday. We will not have access to the facility before that time.

- Live results can be found at: http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Sean_Williams/Portland_Twilight/ 

- FloTrack will be onsite taking videos of the meet and races and those will be online to view at: http://www.flotrack.org/event/254970-2017-portland-twilight

Athlete Check-in - Athletes competing in the non lane races (800m and up) will need to check-in to the tent behind the timing tent on the infield 30min prior to the start of their event.

- Athletes will not be issued bibs. All athletes in distance events will be given two hip numbers to be worn, one on the chest and one on the hip.

Admission / Entry Fee for the meet on Saturday, May 13th is $5 per adult (seniors and children are free) and $5 per youth athlete. Each athlete and one coach will be provided with an athlete wristband. 

Wristbands - Coaches and athletes will be given a wristband that provides entry into the meet and access onto the infield. 

- Only coaches, athletes, volunteers, medical staff, and media with wristbands will be allowed onto the track and infield during the meet.

Athletic Trainers - Providence Sports Care Center is providing athletic training services for the meet this year. They will have a tent set up on the infield if you need assistance.

Warm-ups and Cool down - Please use the turf infield for warm-ups and cool down. Be aware, and stay out of the way, of the College and Pro athletes who will also be warming up on the turf infield.

- After the race (or cool down) please exit the infield and return to the stands to watch the remainder of the track events. Do not "hang out" on the infield, you will be asked to return to the stands.